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Aimee offers regular weekly yoga classes in Barnstaple; private group and 1:1 yoga sessions; massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. My first experience of Yoga was when I was 14. Like many teenage girls, I was battling with self-esteem and body-confidence issues, and needed to find an exercise regime that worked for me. I came across “Yogalates” – a combination of Yoga and Pilates – and found that it not only changed my body-shape, but my confidence levels and overall attitude as well.

My passion for Yoga grew even stronger when I went to University and attended regular Iyengar and Vinyasa classes.

After our last class together, my Iyengar teacher asked me if I had considered becoming a Yoga teacher. I had thought about this a lot throughout my time at university, but my deep-routed lack of confidence and westernised view of what it meant to be “good at yoga”, lead me to believe that it was not something I would succeed in. I explained that I was going to focus on finding a career that would utilise my degree instead.
Having a much deeper understanding of Yoga, my teacher told me that being a brilliant Yoga teacher had little to do with how many poses you could achieve. Due to my enthusiasm and passion, she encouraged me to pursue a Yoga teacher training course, and at the age of 21 I found myself in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay, studying a Level 2 Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga.

During my training, I delved more deeply in to the philosophy of Yoga and began to understand that it was not just about a series of poses/stretches that would help me stay slim. I realised that the breath was intricately linked to our physical, emotional and mental states, and was the key to balancing the nervous system. Above all, I learned that self-love and acceptance were far more important than being able to achieve any particular pose.

After completing my training, I taught public classes in Barnstaple for a short while alongside holding down a full-time admin job. But confidence issues got the better of me once more, and I backed away from teaching for a good few years, focusing on office work.

Eventually, with a lot of help and encouragement from friends and family, including a strong support network amongst other yoga teachers in North Devon, I returned to the mat as a yoga teacher in 2014. I also completed my Level 4 Sports Therapy Massage course in 2015, and after being made redundant from my office job in 2016, I registered as self-employed and Aimee Hill Massage Therapy and Yoga was born.


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