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Debbie West Pilates

Hi I’m Debbie and I am a Pilates, Hanna Somatics and AiM (Anatomy in Motion) Practitioner. I weave all of learnings  into my teaching. I have been teaching since 2005. I teach mat classes, one to ones and Pilates reformer classes. I use my AiM training as a movement assessment on my clients to see where they move well and where they avoid movement. Old injuries show up in our bodies and affect our gait, I love helping clients learn to trust their bodies and help them out of pain or towards their fitness goals.

I have been hosting Devon retreats since 2015 with great

success and now I’m exploring longer overseas retreats.

I enjoy cold water sea swimming, comedy and time with my

love ones, oh and gin, I love gin.

Debs West

Member of the Pilates Independent Teachers Association
Trained by the Pilates Foundation 
Creator of Debbie West Pilates established 2005.
Debbie West Pilates 

@ The Tarka Clinic

Paiges Lane


North Devon

EX31 1EF
07977 449254 
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