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​We are delighted to welcome Heidi and Marilyn from Acupuncture North Devon to the Tarka Clinic. We have provided some information about them below but please visit their website for further details or contact reception on 01271 375579.

Acupuncture North Devon


HEIDI O’NEILL Member of British Acupuncture Council MBAcC, BSc (Hons), LicAc

Heidi is a passionate acupuncturist dedicated to helping patients achieve their optimal health. With a strong belief in the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she views acupuncture as a valuable tool for a healthy lifestyle.  


Heidi's journey to acupuncture began through her own experience with its positive impact on her well-being. In 2007 she embarked on a four-year training program at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine,

earning a Bachelor of Science degree.This unique program combined Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine, equipping Heidi with a comprehensive skillset. Her integrated approach allows her to address both physical and emotional aspects of a patient's health.


Heidi uses her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer personalised recommendations on healthy habits. This may include guidance on diet, exercise, and stress management techniques, all aimed at promoting overall well-being andpreventing

future health concerns.

As a dedicated practitioner, Heidi treats a wide range of conditions and continuouslyexpands her

knowledge through ongoing professional development. Some areas of additional training include facial revitalisation acupuncture, menopause and fertilitysupport, and Gua Sha (a traditional press-stroking massage technique).


To book Heidi  (or make an enquiry) please contact the Clinic on:
01271 375579

or visit: Acupuncture North Devon

Availability: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

MARILYN RICHARDS Member of British Acupuncture Council MBAcC,DipAc, China Ac (Nanjing)

Marilyn is a very experienced Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist.  On completion of Three Years full time training in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Marilyn graduated in 1992 from the London School of Acupuncture (now amalgamated under the University of Westminster).


Marilyn is a born and bred Devonian. She returned to practice in Barnstaple in 1993 and has run a successful private practice ever since.


As well as constantly attending seminars to extend her expertise of Chinese Medicine, Marilyn has travelled to China under the auspices of the World Health Authority to complete post graduate training.  Marilyn has also mentored many Acupuncturists in their early training and practice.


Marilyn is passionate about all aspects of Acupuncture, explaining to patients how Traditional Chinese Medicine works and how simple changes in lifestyle may enhance and help prevent the reoccurrence of various health issues. This holistic approach extends to incorporating her

knowledge of qigong, a mind-body exercise practice, into personalised treatment plans.


To book Marilyn (or make an enquiry) please contact the Clinic on:
01271 375579

or visit: Acupuncture North Devon


Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

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