The evidence is clear that what we eat and drink, our environment, what we put on our skin, our structural imbalances and how we manage our emotions all determine our health and wellbeing. Kinesiology, through muscle testing, helps to identify the hidden factors that are detrimental to our health as well as identifying positive factors to help restore balance. Every treatment is specific to that individual's needs.

Inside each of us is a unique factory for synthesizing and metabolizing nutrients, chemicals, hormones, etc. This is our own "inner pharmacy". If we keep it stocked with all the necessary ingredients, it can function as a potent and efficient system allowing the body to heal itself, which in turn serves us well into old age. Nutritional medicine aims to restore optimal function either by eliminating substances that you may be sensitive to, or by boosting natural levels of nutrients using foods, vitamins, herbs and other nutritional supplementation.


Using gentle and precise muscle tests, kinesiology enables us to identify problematic areas and tackle the underlying cause of health issues. Kinesiology is based on the neurological premise that something that weakens a strong muscle is a stress to your body, whereas something that strengthens a weak muscle is of benefit. Emotional associations which contribute or result in imbalance and structural distortions can also be identified and corrected.


Kinesiology targets all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing and clients often feel effective and long lasting results very quickly. During the sessions specific nutrition to support brain function is identified and used together with effective techniques to achieve emotional balance. Goal setting, changing belief patterns, breaking addictions and working with post-traumatic stress are some of the issues that a client may want to work on in a session.


Kinesiology and nutritional medicine can be of benefit to young and old alike. Whether you have a diagnosed health problem or simply feel there is 'something not quite right' this is a safe and natural approach to better health.

Steve Shackleton is a Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner and teacher, nutritional therapist and a Bowen Technique practitioner who specialises in nutritional medicine. Steve has studied with some of the world's leading Kinesiology and Nutrition teachers and within his sessions draws from his years of diverse experiences working as a therapist within the NHS, within a private healthcare setting supporting deaf and autistic young adults, as a Tai Chi and martial arts instructor and from his own private clinic where over the years he has assisted clients to achieve profound changes in their mental and physical health. Steve is passionate about empowering his clients and educating them in practical ways to take responsibility for their own health and to help them see lasting positive changes in their overall wellbeing.

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