We have several Yoga instructors offering a variety of classes for all levels. All equipment is provided to help you learn & progress your practice with the team.

Our current Yoga instructors are:

  • Shivdev Kaur

  • Atsuko Kato

  • Amy Hill

  • Julie Lea

Shivdev Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and trained to level 1 & 2. She is also served 7 years as a mentee for Har Nal kaur in London and is an Intern for Amrit Nam Sarovar school. Shivdev Kaur says being a Kundalini Yoga teacher is a lifestyle of committment and discipline both of which are needed to sustain being a teacher of Kundalini.

Shivdev lives by the principles given by Master of Kundalini Yogi Bhajan of: Obey, Serve , Love, Excel.

Kundalini yoga is a new & welcome addition to the Tarka Clinic. It is more than keeping the physical body fit. It incorporates meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) & the use of mantras. The class consists of a physical warm up, a kriya (a physical set), long relaxation and meditation.

Atsuko Kato was born and brought up in Japan. She studied yoga extensively in London in 1990’s. Her teachers include John Scott, Godfrey Devereux, Kisen and David Swenson.

She mainly studied Ashtanga yoga and Iyenger yoga, but she also studied with other teachers with different backgrounds.​

She started teaching in 1995 in London in health clubs and adult education and has been continuously teaching since. She moved to Bideford, North Devon in 1996 and began teaching in many settings and to private students.

Her lessons are broadly based on the Ashtanga yoga format but they combine different Hatha yoga styles. The emphases are on correct alignments, correct breathing and breath/movement coordination leading to meditaion and deep relaxation. They are suitable for any age and ability.

​​Currently there are 4 weekly classes in Bideford, 4 in Barnstaple, two monthly Ashtanga yoga workshops and one Mindfulness Workshop in Bideford. Private classes can be also arranged either at Atsuko’s home at EX39 or your home, office or holiday accomodation.

Atsuko continues to be a fully committed yoga student and practitioner of mindfulness and pracitses regularly with others and on her own. She is widely read in yoga and spirituality and currently studying Yoga Philosophy at Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Aimee Hill offers regular weekly yoga classes in Barnstaple; private group and 1:1 yoga sessions; massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. My first experience of Yoga was when I was 14. Like many teenage girls, I was battling with self-esteem and body-confidence issues, and needed to find an exercise regime that worked for me. I came across “Yogalates” – a combination of Yoga and Pilates – and found that it not only changed my body-shape, but my confidence levels and overall attitude as well.

My passion for Yoga grew even stronger when I went to University and attended regular Iyengar and Vinyasa classes.

After our last class together, my Iyengar teacher asked me if I had considered becoming a Yoga teacher. I had thought about this a lot throughout my time at university, but my deep-routed lack of confidence and westernised view of what it meant to be “good at yoga”, lead me to believe that it was not something I would succeed in. I explained that I was going to focus on finding a career that would utilise my degree instead.
Having a much deeper understanding of Yoga, my teacher told me that being a brilliant Yoga teacher had little to do with how many poses you could achieve. Due to my enthusiasm and passion, she encouraged me to pursue a Yoga teacher training course, and at the age of 21 I found myself in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay, studying a Level 2 Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga.

During my training, I delved more deeply in to the philosophy of Yoga and began to understand that it was not just about a series of poses/stretches that would help me stay slim. I realised that the breath was intricately linked to our physical, emotional and mental states, and was the key to balancing the nervous system. Above all, I learned that self-love and acceptance were far more important than being able to achieve any particular pose.

After completing my training, I taught public classes in Barnstaple for a short while alongside holding down a full-time admin job. But confidence issues got the better of me once more, and I backed away from teaching for a good few years, focusing on office work.

Eventually, with a lot of help and encouragement from friends and family, including a strong support network amongst other yoga teachers in North Devon, I returned to the mat as a yoga teacher in 2014. I also completed my Level 4 Sports Therapy Massage course in 2015, and after being made redundant from my office job in 2016, I registered as self-employed and Aimee Hill Massage Therapy and Yoga was born.

Julie Lea has practiced yoga for the past 20 years and trained to be a teacher in India and under the DSY 500 hrs course. I am also a qualified physiotherapist and counsellor, often working with adolescents.

Yoga has such a value in our fast moving society. We are busier than ever , contactable 24/7, there seems to be no stillness in out crazy busy lives. Never has yoga been of more importance than today, bringing that well deserved space, stillness and kindness to ourselves.

When I first went to my first yoga class all those years ago I knew I had found something very special. I felt like I had found something that was missing in my life.
Yoga is a spiritual practice linking our physical body, our mind and our deep sense of self of that spiritual side of ourselves. Through the Asana (yoga postures) we start to feel our bodies becoming more flexible and stronger. We let go of the physical stress and trauma that can be trapped in our bodies, we start to feel lighter and energised. Our minds start to become more still, with a sense of clarity. We are able to recognise and let go of negative thought patterns. There is an overall sense of peace within, even when all the chaos is still going on in our worlds.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. I had a strong practice of Yoga and meditation throughout my journey with breast cancer and now work with groups of ladies facilitating mindfulness relaxation groups.

My classes are 90 minutes, Our breath is the focus throughout , bringing our awareness to the present moment, with a constant ” letting go” .There is a lovely flowing asana practice in my classes, with much stillness and meditation to rest and rejuvenate.


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